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The first step to solving any problem is understanding it. At Heal Health & Performance we start with professionally diagnosing our patients and then choosing the correct course of action. With our complete staff of Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Naturopathic Doctors, Osteopathic Manual Practitioners and Registered Massage Therapists we have all the tools to get you better. With a one-stop-shop approach our practitioners can collaborate to make sure you get the best treatment possible. Our service doesn't stop there, we make sure you leave educated on how to continue treatment at home and how to prevent future injuries. 

Why we get you better, faster.

Our Team

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Vanessa Longo



Lana Kovacevic



Annette Orzel

 Osteopathic Manual

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Rebecca Phair

 Osteopathic Manual

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Dr. Michele Webb

Naturopathic Doctor

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Victoria Nielsen

Massage Therapist
Fascial Stretch Therapist


Assra Marium

Massage Therapist

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Sonavy Tith

Massage Therapist

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Dr. Jessica Leroux 


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Dr. Dana Hames


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Dr. Lauren Cupido




Our doctors of chiropractic  are  experts of diagnosing  complex issues  and developing effective treatment plans to get you back to good health.  It may come as a surprise that  our chiropractors  do more than adjust your spine, they can help you with any muscle, joint, or nerve pain in any part of your body. For your first visit consider seeing a chiropractor.


Our physiotherapists provide  physical therapy to restore, maintain, and make the most of a patient's mobility, function, and well-being. Physiotherapy helps through physical rehabilitation, injury prevention, and health and fitness. 


Massage Therapy

At Heal we have a wide range of massage therapy treatments. Whether you're looking for a relaxation, deep tissue or  sports massage our registered massage therapists can help you. 

Osteopath at Work


Osteopathy is a manual therapy with a belief in the body’s ability to self-heal and self-regulate when free from any obstructions, restriction of motion or bony mal-alignment. It focuses on the root cause of pain and dysfunction rather than just the symptoms. 


Natural Ingredients

Naturopathic Medicine

Our Naturopathic Doctor bridges the gap between medical doctors and a natural approach to a healthy lifestyle. Have our naturopath listen to your issues, perform the proper testing and treatment to help you live your best life. Dr. Webb’s clinical focus is on hormones & digestive health. She works with both men and women to optimize and balance these areas of concern. She is currently accepting a limited number of new patients through an application process. 

Our clinic also offers traditional acupuncture billable under naturopathic medicine.

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560 Highland Road W -  Unit #2

Hamilton, ON L8W 0C4



T: 905-574-6262

F: 905-574-9119

E: contact@healclinic.ca

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